Pre-Build and Live CD Servers

Written on March 6, 2013 – 1:32 pm | by jcannonsr | Turnkey Linux is a virtual appliance library that integrates and polishes the very best open source software into ready to use solutions. Each virtual appliance is optimized for ease of use and can be deployed in just a few minutes on bare metal, a virtual machine and in the cloud. We believe everything that […]

Collaborate on Documents for Free

Written on September 13, 2010 – 8:23 pm | by jcannonsr | Gobby is a free collaborative editor supporting multiple documents in one session and a multi-user chat. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other Unix-like platforms.

Develop your php Code Locally

Written on December 29, 2009 – 11:07 am | by jcannonsr | Download, install and code! Setup at a glance a pre-configured Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP environment on your system or on a USB drive and develop or present locally your projects.

.net for Linux using Mono from Novell

Written on September 21, 2009 – 8:11 pm | by jcannonsr | Mono is a software platform designed to allow developers to easily create cross platform applications. It is an open source implementation of Microsoft’s .Net Framework based on the ECMA standards for C# and the Common Language Runtime. We feel that by embracing a successful, standardized software platform, we can lower the barriers to producing […]

gedit improvements

Written on September 15, 2009 – 9:18 pm | by jcannonsr | Make gedit for linux look like textmate. GMATE This package contains some Gedit improvements to make it more similar to TextMate. The package contain code snippets, plugins, and an automatic registration of rails-related files. Now Todo-List plugin is a part of GMATE and does not depend of mozilla / gtkmozembed todo plugin now […]