Spoof a Browser in Chrome

Written on June 30, 2014 – 5:49 am | by jcannonsr |

I had a problem when using Outlook Web Access in Chrome. This extension solved the problem by choosing safari as the spoofed browser, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/user-agent-switcher-for-c/djflhoibgkdhkhhcedjiklpkjnoahfmg With this extension, you can quickly and easily switch between user-agent strings. Also, you can set up specific URL that you want to spoof every time. Here is the reference article: […]

Test Your Password Against Bruteforce Attacks

Written on June 7, 2011 – 1:16 pm | by jcannonsr |

http://www.grc.com/haystack.htm From the Site: Every password you use can be thought of as a needle hiding in a haystack. After all searches of common passwords and dictionaries have failed, an attacker must resort to a “brute force” search – ultimately trying every possible combination of letters, numbers and then symbols until the combination you chose, […]

Create Signs Online

Written on October 9, 2010 – 6:54 am | by jcannonsr |

www.signsonthecheap.com Ok, kind of a hack but I give credit below to the vendor. Create a sign using their online tool, then use your print screen button to save a copy for editing. Cheap Signs – Why our yard signs are better! We focus on custom yard signs and wire stakes only so we can […]