Converting to ubuntu Linux

Date: 8 Jun 2011 Comments: 0

Here are the steps to start using ubuntu linux as your main os:

-Recommended ubuntu version 10.04 LTS or 8.04 LTS for older machines
-You can also install ubuntu inside of Windows (small performance hit) using wubi. Just login to Windows, insert the ubuntu disk and run wubi. Set the folder size to 30gb if you can because you are going to want plenty space for programs. Note you windows files can be accessed from the folder named “host” in the places menu.
-You may have to connect a network cable and do the updates to get the wireless to work. You may have to turn on hardware drivers under the system menu. -Rebooting usually fixes many problems.

Software from the ubuntu software center (under the applications menu) to get you started:

Adobe Reader 9 – Open PDF files
Adobe Flash Plugin 10 – Plays flash files
Brasero – Disk Burning
OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime – Java support
Icedtea Java Plugin – Browser applet suport
Wine Microsoft Windows Compatiblity Layer to run windows programs you can’t live without. Check you apps at
vlc player – Plays all types of video files
devede – Create DVD movies from your files
shutter – for screen captures
teamviewer – to get (or give) remote support
audacity – Audio recording and editing
gimp – Image editing program
MyPaint – Paint Program

Outside software:

picasa – Install from Google site

How to change the boot time and boot menu items
Type sudo nautilus and enter your password
browse to etc\default\grub.cfg
sudo update-grub
remove old kernals

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